The Etiquette of Friendship


Would you consider yourself a true friend?

Many times having a friend can surely help you, encourage you, nurture you, direct you, and comfort you. Some people are lucky, they can boast of having a BFF, best friend forever, while others will tell you that they have been burnt many times by so called friends. Some people take longer to meet new people, and friendships are a longer process, there are some who easily make friends, like me, so I basically distinguish between three categories: close acquaintances, friends, and best friends. But whichever group I bring up, I think that this piece, in general, is about what we need to consider in order to maintain our friendships.

In order to maintain these relationships, we must first look deeply into ourselves. We need to conduct a self-assessment. What's upset me? What brings me out of the rut? What makes me happy? What are my weaknesses and strengths? What will make me feel bad and what will cheer me up? What affects my patience? If we become aware of these, that is, ourselves, we can more easily manage our friendships - and relationships. I have collected some important points that are part of the etiquette of friendship:


Appreciate your friendships whenever you have the opportunity. Notable events such as birthdays, name days, anniversaries and special events should not be overlooked. Increase your trust in your friendship, take down past experiences, and be grateful to have met. Reassess what you could do better in the future.


Proper communication is essential to maintaining friendships, and distance can no longer be an obstacle in today's world. We have phones, social media, email, etc ... all of which are designed to make communication easier so we can reach our friends wherever they are in the world. Not to mention, when it comes to communication, you need to keep sensitive information in mind, and be prepared for the consequences and possible liability whenever necessary. Communicate regularly, even a simple "Hi, how are you?" Will make your friend smile as s/he knows that you are thinking about them.


I think it is a very important factor in a friendship that the parties can mutually interact and help each other as they develop. Share your knowledge and gain new knowledge as you can only learn from each other. Build relationships, support your friends in their plans, and broaden your horizons. Encourage each other! Study together to develop through this, to pull one another up and become brilliantly happy people. Take part in business and social events and encourage each other whenever you can. Share the latest trends and fashions, motivational stories, the latest news and technology, anything that will uplift and inspire you.

Be supportive!

Always be there for your friends in difficult times. When challenging days occur, show that they can always count on you, because those days or periods when the support is most needed. Be readily available if it's needed, and never abandon your friend or turn your back. Give that shoulder to cry on and lean on. If they ask for advice, be kind and understanding. Friendship is a test of time.

Live and laugh!

Laughing is very important for me. Laughing is a value not so often experienced by many people I've noticed. As a friend have moments of laughter around you, remember the good old days, have fun while living in the mist of the challenges that life's throws at you. Smiling or laughing makes the world a happier place to live and calve out time for a laugh by doing what you love to do.


Loyalty to friends requires respect and trust, but it is not enough to express our respect for our friend, we must also respect their environment, their families, their opinions and their views. If you respect others, they will respect you too.

The etiquette of being a friend is an everyday intelligence awareness that should be known to all. In striking a balance during friendship the chemistry is one of warmth, trust and credibility. Friends understand each other, tolerate one another and cherish the other.

I dedicate this post to my friends, who are always with me at every stage of my life, in Hungary, and around the world, despite of distance and location. THANK YOU!