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My name is Gabriella Kanyok, I am a diplomatic protocol, etiquette and communication expert.

I have gained extensive experience in both international and national environments over the past 15 years, which I have integrated harmoniously into my services. The focus of my consultancy and training has been not only on the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also on the practical application that is almost immediately possible.

My aim is to ensure that the corporate and individual clients who come to me are able to perform at the highest level, both nationally and internationally. A good knowledge of the modern business world and of the rules of protocol and etiquette contributes to successful negotiations as well as to successful collaborations and career advancement.

"It's not just a meeting... it's business!"

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Etiquette is a code of polite conduct. If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or annoy people - and you may even charm them. 

Etiquette is meant to be a guideline, not a set of strict rules carved in stone. Those guidelines are developed using common sense, a sense of fairness, politeness, and above all, consideration for others. If you let consideration for others be your final arbiter, you will be well on your way to being the kind of polite person who understands the rules of etiquette instinctively. 

I believe that

  • Etiquette provides personal security.
  • It protects the feelings of others.
  • It makes communication clearer.
  • It enhances your status at work.
  • It makes good first impressions. 



In the business world, good manners is essential for getting ahead. Proper etiquette can help people land jobs, get promotions and establish excellent relationships with others. 


In the international politics, protocol is the etiquette of diplomacy and affairs of state. It describes how an activity should be performed, especially in the field of diplomacy. 


With the private coaching sessions (one-on-one) you will receive on target, customized training and feedback that guarantees you'll present yourself as a polished business professional as never before. 


The corporate training programs cover business etiquette, and international business etiquette to help companies equip their professionals with etiquette training for the world.


Respect, kindness, and consideration form the basis of good manners and good citizen-ship. Etiquette becomes the language of manners, and its rules cover behavior in talking, acting, living, and moving; in other words, every type of interaction and every situation..


Whether for a job interview or a meeting, international dining can be a complicated juggle of social skills. Every move you make needs to project confidence and grace.  



We know how to turn your goals into creative, engaging and memorable events that delight your audience and deliver you results.

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