Sauna etiquette


The quiet, calm and shooting warmth of the sauna are designed to help you relax, chill and cleanse. Its beneficial effects itself deserves a blogpost, but instead I would like to list the rules that must be followed in public saunas (for example: in a wellness hotel or spa). If you are not sure what these rules are, then this post is for you.

* Before sauna, take a shower and wipe yourself dry.

* Basically, in traditional and purist sense, sauna is done in the nude, but nudity in the sauna is not the style in the Hungarian wellness hotels, so you wrap yourself in a sauna sheet or towel, or you just simply leave your swimsuit on.

* Whatever you choose, with or without swimsuit, always put a clean sheet or towel underneath (if you are bathing without clothes, the sheet has to well cover you everywhere). 

* Slippers, soft drinks, alcohol, food, books, newspapers, creams, oils, jewelery must be kept outside.

* Don't talk too loud, respect the other guests.

* Don't wipe away the sweat.

* There is no room for inimacy in the sauna.

* Don't stay in for too long. Know your limits. 

* Don't talk about politics, and avoid provocative topics.

* If you arrive late to a sauna session, please don't disturb the event, note that you missed this session.

* After sauna, always take a shower. 

* It is forbidden to use electronic devices in the sauna, so photography is not allowed neither. 

Of course, if you have your own private sauna with private entrance at home, then you are lucky to have your own rules. :)