We love our furry friends! I'm lucky because we have a little Bichon havanese, Dominó, and an adorable cat named Mimas (after the 7th moon of Saturn - long story :)) We are not living anymore in the era, when cats and dogs are only outsiders, and even though cats don't go to restaurants with their owners, so mainly our best friends (dogs) accompany us everywhere we go (holidays, restaurants, red carpet!). So I wanted to put together a few commandments for modern animal lovers to avoid a pet faux pas!

  • · Minding manners- Teach the basics, and you will be on the safe side! ("Come", "Sit", "Stay")

  • Take extra care of your pet when you travel - whether "travel" means passing by to a friend's house or going for a longer trip, keep in mind that pet travel is privilege, not a right. Your little friend should be clean and well-groomed, and make sure you have enough supplies to keep him that way. Baby wipes and a towel can always be handy, and make sure you have all the papers, licenses what your little friend needs.

  • While outside... Bring several bags for poop with you, and don't leave it where it doesn't belong to. If you cannot take it, because it is too soft, carry a water bottle with you, or go back later to clean it up. Respect the others.

  • Be aware of other people's feeling - if your dog upsets someone with jumping up or barking, apologize to them, and make sure to take measures in order to prevent a similar situation.

  • Take your dog for regular walks, so your puppy will not get bored, and you can establish a routine.

  • Before taking your pup to any social gatherings. Don't take it granted that you can bring your furry friend to any family event. Family with a new born baby can be extra sensitive about germs, so ask beforehand if you can bring your little one with you. Also consider whether s/he listens to you, follows your commands. Know your audience.

  • Pets and public transport - well, it would be quiet difficult to bring Mimas on a bus without her carrying box, but thankfully I don't have to, because there are rules to follow when you use the public transport with your pup. With dogs, it is very simple, you keep your friend on the leash, and use a muzzle. Other small animals have to be put in a small carrying box while on public transport. Of course all pets should be well-behaved.

  • Always leash your dog on walk. Nothing else to add here.

  • Only let your dog greet a stranger if they ask and you both agree, not every dog likes other dogs, especially if they approach them without any notice.

If you think, I might have missed something from this list, please feel free to comment.