New Year's Eve etiquette


Are you invited to an end-of-year gathering? This is a perfect opportunity to refresh your party- etiquette knowledge. Read on for my tips and score an invite next year. :)

  • RSVP the invitation! Notify the host in time. Are you going to the event? Will you take someone with you? Do you have a food allergy? The sooner you indicate your intention to participate, the better they can prepare. Of course, there is always an unexpected illness or something unforeseeable, but I still advise you to let them know in advance. If the only objection is that you are not in the mood or you are just simply lazy, think about how this would make your host feel.
  • You decided, you will go to the "La boum" / party. Please, don't show up empty-handed. Even today, I am surprised that people go to any gatherings with empty hands. (I'm not talking about the big corporate Christmas party and other corporate events.) If someone takes the initiative and invites guests over, organise a reception, or even throw a party that - let's admit - we know what it takes (time, effort, shopping, cleaning, packing, getting ready, etc. and don't forget the clean up part again at the end of the event), so the minimum is that we respect the host, and we bring a bottle of bubbly or wine. If the host does not drink alcohol, it may be a good idea to bring a bonbon. I'm always happy when someone arrives with home-made, salty or sweet pastries. It also can be really cool to bring some masks, trumpets or confetti. (Let's reconcile the confetti :))
  • Know your limits! At New Year's Eve everyone releases the steam for the last time and the chill knocks in, especially with good company, music, food and drinks, and generally "drinks" mean bulky drinks. Enjoy the night, but remember how much you can and how much you should drink. Hydrate, eat enough and don't mix up the drinks. If you are not sure whether food will be served at the party or not, then eat before you go, or check with the host the evening scenario. 
  • Avoid embarrassing topics! If you are at a party, where you do not know everyone, it is better to avoid religious, political and ethnic issues. Even so, the whole year is filled with these topics, a New Year's Eve party should not be centered around these. If you're not sure which subject to bring, you can safely drop the "What was the best thing you saw, ate, drank, etc. this year?" "What are your New Year's vows?" or an interesting question, "Regardless of salary, if you could choose tomorrow, what would you like to do?" 
  • When it is time to leave. If most of the guests have gone home and the hosts have begun to pack up, even everyone is yawning around you, it means the party has come to an end. Your hosts will never send you away, so you should know when it is time to go home.
  • A basic thing, but it is very actual again. Taxi companies are busy and are you impatient? Call a chauffeur service, but never drive if you drink. 
  • Next day, send a message thanking for the evening and hospitality. Everyone appreciates this. :) 

Picture to inspire:  one of my New Year's Eve table dressings.