Infant etiquette


My beautiful niece, Lilla was born few days ago, and we are all excited about this little one. While I was holding her at our family Christmas gathering, I was wondering whether a blog post would be useful for people, who are planning to go and visit a baby. (The golden rule is that normally nobody should visit a new-born for 4-6 weeks.)

So here are my few etiquette tips:

  • Always wash your hand and sanitize before holding or touching the baby
  • Please, try to avoid using heavy parfums while you are around the baby, as the parents are unsure if the little one has allergies yet, and the Mom could be still nauseous
  • If you have experience, or you've heard some stories about those few days after giving birth, please, don't tell scary stories! Stay positive and keep it positive! :)
  • Don't criticize! Whatever you think, please keep it for yourself!
  • Don't stay longer than 30 minutes. Parents must be tired, and need some rest.
  • If you have been sick in the past few weeks, days etc.. please do not visit a new-born. The baby's immune system is just developing, and trust me, parents will appreciate if you postpone your visit.
  • If you have children, do not bring them with you (they can be carriers of infections)
  • Feeding = private moments - nothing else to say here.