Gloves Flirting Etiquette


I miss those times, when you could express yourself by using a simple accessory (which was actually not a mobile phone). Because it is wondering Tuesday, and spring is in the air, let's see what you should know regarding etiquette and flirtation with gloves.🙃 Gloves etiquette essentials to keep in mind.

  • Gloves should never be worn when drinking, smoking, playing cards or putting on makeup.
  • Gloves should be worn rather than carried and you should never wear rings over gloves.

Flirtation with gloves:

  • Yes - Crushing up in the left hand.
  • No - Crushing up in the right hand.
  • I love you - Dropping both gloves.
  • Do you love me? - Pulling on left glove, leaving thumb exposed.
  • Kiss me - Pulling on right glove, leaving thumb exposed.
  • Indifference - Pulling on left glove half way.
  • I wish your acquaintance - Holding the gloves with fingertips down.
  • Follow me - Striking them on the shoulder.
  • I love another - Touching them to the chin.
  • I'm engaged - Throwing them up in the air.
  • We are watched - Twisting round the fingers.
  • Introduce me to your friend - Fanning yourself with them.
  • Get rid of your friend - Folding them up. .