Etiquette in the Forest


I had changed my high heels for comfortable shoes, and we spent a day up in the forest exploring. (Although it was challenging, but fun.) It wouldn't be me, if at the end of the day, I don't have some tips for you about how to behave in the forest.

  • First of all, for your own and the others safety, a predictive and appropriate behavior is important. In unseen passages and narrow as well as steep places obstacles or other people can appear at any time. Staying at such points is also at risk. Path conditions and weather conditions influence the experience. For fast descents you have to be aware that at any time wild animals can also cross your path.
  • Care! You are not at home, please be respectful, protect animals and plants and behave appropriately.
  • Make yourself visible and also in a polite manner to the other hikers. When you meet others, first greet them, and in case you want to overtake, alert them in time. If someone is traveling faster or in another direction, let them pass you. We are all in favour for the resting in the nature and hope us a friendly coexistence.
  • If you leave your waste, you endanger the animal and plant life and destroy the landscape image for other nature users and yourself, so please collect together all your non-organic rubbish and place in the litter bins provided on the way, or take it home with you.
  • If you bring your dog, please clean up after them. Basics.
  • Whilst you may roast some bacon - in a designated area - (I know, Hungarian bacon roasting aka "szallonasütés" is a very Hungarian activity and tradition) or smoke cigarettes, please ensure that fire and cigarettes are extinguished properly, that fire is not left unattended.
  • Importantly, do not leave bottles or glass, broken or otherwise as it can act as a magnifying glass and start a fire. Also glass can be a danger for children and animals.

Enjoy the nature!