Elephant Sanctuary Etiquette


An elephant sanctuary is where elephants can roam free within a confined, natural, protected space.While we were in Thailand,we visited an elephant sanctuary,where we spent a day with elephants & I got a new friend, Sao. Many years ago, he was also serving the tourism industry, but he got rescued and brought to the sanctuary, so now he is free, happy and spoiled.
Before you visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand there are a few general rules you should keep in mind. 

  • Ask before approaching an elephant,follow the instructions of the mahout. Even elephants comfortable with humans, they may behave erratically depending on their mood.(Male elephants periodically enter musth, & they become agressive.)
  • Respect the elephants. When approaching, don't make sudden movements or raise your voice. Approach them slowly from the front,so they can see you.
  • Don't feed the elephants unless you have permission and only feed them with food the handler gives you.They may be on strict diet.