Don't touch your hair! Why not?


It's very hard not to play with our hair, but did you know that every time you touch it you send a message out to the world? 

We don't even think about it, but unfortunately the opposite message of what we want. According to a survey conducted by Dove, ladies with fine or flat hair touch their hair up to 18x a day, but there is a reason why we do this: we want to give it some more volume or create a flirtier look, but people would think we are insecure! Touching our hair is related to our well-being and self-confidence. Every time you touch your hair, neck or head, it's a discomfort cue, namely you feel anxious. 

Though it's not the case at all, all is super and wonderful (like me on this picture), we just tend to touch our hair out of sheer habit, and we don't even realise it. Unfortunately, it comes across as a sign of low self esteem and self-confidence, which is a disadvantage especially during a job interview or at any meetings. 

Solution? Pay attention to it! Find the best hair product for the perfect volume. Do your hair in the morning, so you don't need to deal with it during the day. Before a job interview or an important meeting,consider wearing your hair back, so you feel less tempted to touch it. 

It's worth to keep this mind.