Brunch Tips


"Brunch without prosecco is a sad late breakfast." During my time in Brussels, this brunching habit had developed. Often it was too early for lunch, but late for breakfast, and brunch  has somehow stayed with me since then. We love having breakfast with my sis, but what we love even more is brunching together. I find this to be the best way to discuss anything without being in a hurry, without having to get up early, and this is also the perfect opportunity to relax while having a nice meal, and enjoy the company of our friends / family if our time allows, and even on weekdays. We had a brunchdate with Zsófi at my place, and this enlightened the idea to share my few tips for a perfect brunching at home:

  • Don't complicate the menu! You are not running a 5* kitchen with cooks involved! Take it easy! Prepare some popular, salty and sweet dishes, which are easy to prepare such as quiche and muffins. You can also rely on the supermarket and get some fresh croissants if you don1t have time to bake it by yourself.
  • Food allergy and consideration - while planning the menu, take into consideration your guests' eating habits and allergies (vegetarian, lactose, gluten etc). Prepare a variety of selection of foods, so there are choices offered.
  • We don't need to make everything on the same day. A fruit salad or some pastries could be prepared the day before, which is a real time saver.
  • Accept the help. If yomebody wants to come earlier to help you, accept it. It's fun anyways to have company around.
  • Set up the table the night before, so you don't need to worry about it if you happen to be running late.
  • Buffet-style - your guests can serve themselves, and you are stress free.
  • Fresh juices and non-acoholic coctails are the must haves, but I sware the prosecco goes very well with the quiche.
  • Take your Instaphotos, and put your phone away! Relax and pay attention to everybody around you.